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Obedience Training and Trialing

The young and adolescent Ridgeback does have a tendency toward exuberance and naughtiness.  It is important for new owners to gently but firmly assert their dominance.  A Ridgeback will respond readily to flattery, praise and firm handling.  With an inherent strong will and self determination it cannot be 'beaten into submission' but must be motivated to obtain the best results.  A gruff voice will usually suffice to instil discipline. 

In the obedience sphere a number of Ridgebacks have gained the basic obedience title of CD (Companion Dog), with some owners taking their dogs on to CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), UD (Utility Dog), TD and TDX (Tracking titles). 
Ridgebacks have been awarded the ultimate obedience prize of OC (Obedience Champion). The intelligence of the breed can be constructively channelled - despite that stubborn streak.

It is highly recommended that your pup attend Puppy Pre-School and then at the very least basic obedience training. There are a huge number of organisations and commercial operations offering obedience training.  Many of these are excellent and some less so - ask your breeder for the nearest and best obedience club or trainers.