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   Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD FC ROM
Eilack Apollo x Ch Ujamaa Ceres
20 Jan 1992 - 3 Nov 2005

There are no words that can truly express how grateful I feel for having had Ko in my life.


For Ko

If only if only's
Could bring back yesteryear,
I would trade all of my tomorrow's
to once more have you near.
To see you, to hold you, to tell you
that I care.
To tell you that I love you,
once more your life to share.

If only if only's
Could take away this pain,
this hollow saddest feeling
from which there's no refrain.
The nights are cold and empty,
the morning light is poor.
Your passing took my heart away and
stripped me to the core.

But if only's are if only's
And cannot change what's been
though I have happy memories and
still the gift to dream.
That one day in the future
I'll see your face again
when we are back together
in a far far better place.

Om Shanti - my beloved

Shine on forever my handsome man.

On the 3rd of November 2005 two and half months short of his 14th birthday my handsome man spent the morning chasing his grand-niece following that delightful scent he has always loved, when he grew tired he lay down in the green grass in the sun and quietly slipped away.

Multi Runner Up in Show, Multi Best in Specialty Show, Multi Runner Up in Specialty Show, two times Melbourne Royal BOB, Brisbane Royal BOB, Toowoomba Royal BOB, multi Best Headed in Specialty, multi Best Gaited in Specialty, multi Sire's Progeny, Australia's first Grand Champion RR - Gr Champion Bearstar Ko CD FC ROM - left me peacefully with great dignity.

He has left a legacy that ensures his name will remain in the RR history books for generations to come. As Australia's most successful ever sire he has 30 Champions all over the world and others still in the process of taking titles. He has sired 10 Best in Show winners, 2 Best in Field winners and even a Gold medal winner in Skijoring (sleddog skiing). His kids have obedience titles and tracking titles. And many without 'titles' have the very best of accolades - being best friends and companions to their owners.

Ko was a very special dog - a once-in-a-lifetime soulmate who provided me love and laughter every day of his life. He has taken a large part of my heart with him but his spirit will linger always with me and within his children and their children long after I'm gone.

Farewell Mister Ko - love you big boy. I know you'll be having a ton of fun at the Bridge catching up with all your 'women'
I so look forward to seeing you there.