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Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD FC ROM
Eilack Apollo (Imp UK) x Ch Ujamaa Ceres
20 January 1992 - 3 November 2005
Hip Score 5:3 = 8 (Willis) Elbows - vet certified Excellent
CD = Companion Dog obedience title; FC = Field Champion lure coursing title as awarded by QLCA; ROM = Register of Merit title as awarded by RRCI.

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Ko & I face up the big cat in Perth, 1994 

At the Perth National in 1994, Ko was one of the few dogs who actually wanted to hunt the big cat! but it wouldn't run.  Strange considering he's terrified of the smaller versions.  Ko was Australia's first RR to be awarded Grand Champion status and currently holds the record for the biggest single All Breeds win for a dog in Queensland having won Runner Up Best in Show with an entry of over 1000 dogs.  With thirty champions including four Grand Champions and multi BIS and BISS winners Ko holds the status of Australia's most successful ever sire and his progeny are now producing champions of their own.  Ko's achievements as a multiple Best In Specialty Show  winner, multiple Best Headed, Best Gaited, Best Footed winner are being duplicated by his kids with progeny being awarded multiple Best In Show (All Breeds), multiple Best In Specialty Show, multiple Class in Show, multiple Group and Class in Group, and multiple Property wins at Specialty including Best Head, Best Gait, Best Ridge, Brace and Sire's Progeny.

Ko excelled in the show ring and was one of the rare ridgies who loved to hear the sound of applause and to be the centre of attention in the ring.  Ko's Royal record is exceptional. At the Brisbane Royal in ten appearances Ko took six 1st places in class, three 2nd places and one 4th (in his last year at the Royal and being beaten by his son and grandson) - from his eight appearances as an adult he has taken Dog Challenge three times and Res Challenge three times (once to a son and once to a grandson).  At Melbourne Royal (the southern hemispheres largest dog show) Ko twice was awarded Best of Breed on one occasion making the cut to the final eight with over 900 hounds competing.   Ko has also been awarded #1 RR in Qld in 1997 (National Dog) and #1 RR in Australia in 1998 (National Dog & OzDog/Pal competitions).



Ko at left in his Veteran's Parade photo from the at the RRCQ Inc Show 2001. As a veteran (i.e. over 7 yrs of age) Ko was awarded Best Veteran in Show at both All-Breeds and Specialty shows. At the RRC Inc Ch. Show in Oct 1999 under John Walton-Haddon (UK) Ko was also awarded Most Successful Sire, Best Sire's Progeny and took 2nd in the Open Dog class behind his son BIS Gr Ch Elangeni Elvis  who went on to Reserve Challenge Dog behind yet another Ko son, BIS/BISS Gr Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko ET who was ultimately awarded Best in Show.  At the same show Ko daughters took 1st and 2nd in Puppy Bitch Class also taking Puppy in Show and 1st in Intermediate Bitch ultimately going Opp Inter to Ko grandson (Boston) who took out Intermediate in Show - sure was a family affair! 

Ko's progeny also made their mark at the RRCQ Inc Silver Anniversary Show under Janet Wang (Sth Aust) where Ko himself placed 2nd in Aust Bred Dog at the grand old age of 10 and a half!  In Baby Dog (10ents) 2 of the 4 placings were Ko sons, and a third a Ko grandson; another grandson took out Puppy Dog; in Junior Dog (8 ents) two of the four placings were won by a Ko grandson and a Ko great-grandson; Intermediate Dog (9 ents) 2 of the 4 placings were Ko grandchildren and a Ko great-grandson also took a placing; Aust Bred Dog (15 ents) saw Ko beaten by a grandson and beating a son; Open Dog (15 ents) was topped by 2 Ko grandchildren with a son  taking another placing. Challenge Dog and Reserve Challenge Dog were both Ko grandsons!  In Baby Bitch (11 entries) 2 of the 4 placings were taken by Ko granddaughters; great-granddaughter was 2nd of 4 in Minor Bitch; in Puppy Bitch the three placings from 6 entries were taken by 2 granddaughters and a great-granddaughter; Junior Bitch saw 2 great granddaughters taking placings in a field of 13; Intermediate Bitch (14 ents) with granddaughter 2nd and great granddaughter 3rd; Open Bitch saw yet another granddaughter and great granddaughter in the placings.  Consistency should be spelt with a KO

In case you haven't noticed yet I am very very proud of my wonderful boy who apart from all the winning and awards is and always will be the centre and love of my life.  His sweet and special affectionate ways forever won my heart and the hearts of all those who had the lucky chance to know him.