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Ch Bearstar Silver Willow ET
Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD FC ROM x Gr Ch Bearstar Chilean Willow ROM
18.2.1996 - 3.10.2007
Hip Score: 3:3 =6 (Willis) Elbows: 0:1 

Jemma joined the family as the result of a marriage breakup. She slotted into the family with Dad Ko, sister Chilpep and brother Copper like she had always been there.
Such a loving girl she gave the most extensive tongue baths of any dog I've ever known. She loved lure coursing with a passion and was a Best in Field winner - one of
only two RR bitches so awarded in Qld with the other also a Ko daughter. On one occasion that enthusiasm led to me having lead burns across my palm - I was just
too slow and Jems wanted to GO! Quite a different story in the ring though where she generally seemed to consider it all a bit tedious.

Jemma loved her 'uncle' Shane (Shane Lambley - Kenjala RRs) and he and wife Kerrie asked if they could lease Jemma for a year to have a litter with her - well Jemma never did come home. She loved them so thoroughly and fitted into the family there as well as she had into the Starridge family. When I visited Jemma would jump in the Tarago (she loved that car) but if I threatened to take her home with me she couldn't get out fast enough :-) Such a loving and well-loved girl - life can take such strange roads but we're all lucky that Jemma's road led back to us.




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