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9 Feb 1995 - 2 Jan 2009

My star, my sun, my centre - my Chil


 The Greatest Gift
By Karla M. Bertram, 11/23/96

I always knew this time would come,
From the very instant our eyes first met.
How I loved you then! How I love you now!
I made a promise then and I keep that promise now . . .
You will not suffer from a pain that will not heal;
You will not know the loss of a life remembered, now gone.

It is for me alone to make this decision,
The price for the bright joy and pure laughter
You brought me during the time we shared.
I am the only one who can decide when it is time.
When my hope dies, and my fears ride high,
Just when I need you most, I must let you go.

It is for you alone to tell me when you are ready.
For without your guidance, I will not know
When to lay my grief, my guilt, my anger,
My sorrow and my selfish heart aside
And give you this last gift, this greatest gift.
Your eyes will speak to mine, and I will know.

The pain of this moment is excruciating.
Tears stream down my face in a river of sorrow,
And my heart drowns in a pool of grief.
For you have spoken, and I have listened,
And unlike other decisions I have made.
This one brings no relief . . . no comfort . . . no peace.

For if there's one thing you've taught me,
If there's only one thing I've learned. . . .
Unconditional love has a condition after all,
I must be willing to let you go, when you speak to me
I must be willing to help you go, if you cannot go alone.
And I must accept my pain so you can be free of yours.

Go easily now, go quickly now,
Do not linger here, it is time for you to leave.
Go find your strength, go find your youth.
Go find the ones who've gone before you.
You are free to leave me now, free to let your spirit soar
Rest easy now, your pain will soon be gone.

I pray I will find comfort in my memories . . .
In the dark and lonely days ahead.
I cannot say I will not miss you, I cannot say I will not cry.
For only my tears can heal my broken heart.
But, I promise you this: as long as I live,
You will live, alive in my mind, forever in my heart.

So I give you this last gift, all I have left to give,
And this will be my greatest gift . . . sending you away.
It is the measure of my unconditional love . . .
For only the greatest love can say,
"Good-bye, go find the bridge, we'll meet again,
Loving you has been the greatest gift of all."

Om Shanti - my beloved

Shine on forever my beautiful girl.



On the 2nd of January 2009 five weeks short of her 14th birthday my 'fat little toad' looked at me with the light gone from her eyes. She was already leaving me - my wonderful vet Chris came and together we guided Chilpep to the Bridge. Although Chilpep hadn't managed to give me a wag of her tail all morning her last conscious act was to look in my eyes and wag her tail one last time. Thank you Chilpep.

Chilpep you taught me so much - doing well in the ring with plenty of wins at All Breed and Specialty Shows but it was in the whelping box that you created your legacy. Chilpep produced seven Australian Champions, a Grand Champion, a Field Champion, Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show, her granddaughter won the RR National in 2006. Chilpep puppies founded Kenjala RRs and Kushika RRs while others became an integral part of Huntingridge, LaSimba and others.

But much more importantly for me, Chilpep was the sun at the centre of Starridge around whom all else revolved. Without this sun there would have been no Starridge! Through elation and despair Chilpep you were always there for me - tail wagging and the glorious light of love shining in your eyes. The brightest star at Starridge - my darling Chilpep Puppy, you'll be forever young and forever in my heart.

I know that your Mum and Dad and your kids who have gone before you will be waiting with love in their hearts for you at the Bridge. Tis not a time to be sad but rather celebrate a life well-lived and the joyous memories that forever bind us. Om Shanti my love until I see you again!

Thank you Sarah, Geoff, Mick, Dale, Shane and Kerrie for the beautiful flowers honouring my gorgeous girl. Your love and support is always appreciated so much!

Thank you Chris, Kelly, Becca and all at Manly Rd Vet Hospital for the beautiful flowers and as always for your caring, sensitive assistance at all our times of need.
Thank you Sue for the beautiful framed image and poem dedicated to my lovely girl, I'll treasure it always.