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Ch Starridge Litl Sunshine ROM
Gr Ch Bearstar Ko CD x Ch Bearstar Chilean Willow
9 February 1995 - 2 January 2009
Hips 1:2 = 3  Grade 0 (Willis)  Elbows 0:0 Grade 0

Chilpep Pedigree Chilpep Champions Chilpep Memorial

Chilpep Puppy was particularly known for her constantly wagging tail.  A sweet, loving yet determined and strong girl Chilpep proved to be a superb Mum to her babies and a pleasure to own from the very first moments. She was the mother of 7 champions who amongst them collected Grand Champion, Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show, Best in Field Winner and Field Champion.  Chilpep was a multi class in-group (All Breeds) and multi class in-show (Specialty) winner but decided she'd rather laze at home being a Mum so only came out to the ring on very special occasions.