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Starridge Definitely A Keaper AI
Ch Kushika Garrison Savannah x Ch Pupukearidge Kealohi (Imp USA)
30 April 2015

Isabella Pedigree

7 weeks

For me as a puppy I thought Isabella had a little too much white and a slightly offset ridge but she was very much a show girl in attitude and movement. Her head was quite different to the rest of the girls in the litter and more reminiscent of her grandmother than her mother so I saw Isabella more in terms of a brood bitch than a show girl. Well of course she has proven me wrong taking multiple Baby Puppy in Group awards and topping them with Baby Puppy in Show (All Breeds) and Baby Puppy in Show (Specialty).

While she had a baby name of Trifecta she was more normally called 'whinger' as she would whine to have you pick her up for a cuddle but then once up would immediately whine to get down again. The more excited she is the more talkative, culminating in what I call a rough howl if she thinks you are not paying enough attention.

She is a happy confident outgoing baby who is a total social butterfly. While she is happy to meet, greet and play with any dog, she shows a definite preference for the two-legged over the the four-legged. A wee bit arrogant and definitely precocious she loves to strut her stuff, and boy can she strut :-)

Isabella getting comfy with Mum Kea and sister Star

Isabella's first show with Trish Gonzalez - Issy begins her run to be undefeated in Baby Puppy of Breed.